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In 1950 Lone Star Donut was founded in Dallas, Texas as a retail donut shop with wholesale distribution. Serving fresh product daily was the foundation of the business.  Restaurants, cafes and other institutions depended on the "Lone Star Donut Man" for the fresh, tasty donuts to serve with the first cup of coffee every morning.

Popularity increased and to maintain the "fresh-every-morning" standard, Lone Star introduced the first automated donut production line to Dallas.  Product lines expanded, varieties increased, and Lone Star's drive for quality and innovation continued.

By the early 1970's, the Lone Star donut had became a tradition to generations of Dallas residents and the word got out.  Demand for their high quality products came from all over the country.  And, this was the time when Lone Star's research and development perfected a way to deliver the same fresh product daily to consumers nationwide with no compromise in quality. 

The 1980's brought a new line of baked goods and hushpuppies to the product mix.  Lone Star's products were now becoming a mainstay for food service, supermarkets and other retail outlets.   And, Lone Star Donut became Lone Star Consolidated Foods, Inc.

As the new millenium approached, Lone Star continued to embrace evolving technology.  Thaw-n-Serve™ and Thaw-n-Sell™ product lines were increased to include the popular Babycakes® cake donut. 

New Varieties, and ongoing committment to new technology keep Lone Star Consolidated Foods at the forefront of the industry, delivering the same  high-quality, "fresh-to-the-consumer"  products as the original 
"Lone Star Donut Man". 


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