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Lone Star Consolidated Foods was founded by S.M.”Merrell” Burdine in Dallas, Texas in 1950. It began as a simple donut shop which quickly grew to several locations under the name “Lone Star Donuts”. In 1953 C.E. “Gene” Burdine, Merrell’s son, started his own business, “Sunset Donuts”, and in 1960 father and son joined forces merging the two companies.

While the appeal of the excellent quality, fresh-made product brought the Burdine family much success locally, Gene Burdine had larger ambitions beyond Dallas.

In the mid-1980s, Lone Star expanded its operations producing freeze-and-thaw baked goods and began manufacturing frozen hushpuppies for restaurants and food service companies.

Today, Lone Star produces consistent, high-quality, freeze-and-thaw and ready to sell products, in multiple SKUs of differing sizes, for grocery store chains and restaurants around the country. With continued focus on great taste, consistent product and excellent service, Lone Star produces sweet rolls, cinnamon rolls, breakfast breads, our legendary, trademarked mini-cake donuts, Babycakes®, and Hush Puppies, and seasonal items like king cakes, all at volumes that assure a timely and uninterrupted supply chain for our retail partners. Lone Star uses the finest ingredients and quality controls to deliver great tasting products for your customers, driving repeat business and customer loyalty with proven consumer appeal.

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